I have no formal education to tell someone. I don’t want to be ashamed to say my academic qualification. First of all I don’t believe in any formal education. In my life most of the education I have achieved outside

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I am very simple boy. I was born in a remote village in West Bengal, India. The most difficult struggle of my life is to fight with myself. In this fight, I have lost all and reached final stage. I

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If you want to create this type of website, News portal, personal blog etc. And you can contact with me for advice and support any technical issues. just fill up this form and send it. এই রকম ওয়েবসাইট, নিউজ পোর্টাল,

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Why this website

Why this website

This website is nothing but my hobby. Internet plays an important role in modern technology. Without internet, website can not be thought. If you use the internet but you have not visited any website, it is impossible. I love technology,

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Some sentences

The educated Father's child may be illiterate. But the educated Mother"s child will never be illiterate.

A paper is not your education certificate. Your certificate is your knowledge, skills and behaviour.

The struggle keeps the people alive. now a days 'walking with technology' is the another name of struggle.

- Mukhlesur Rahman